Why bronze? One must be mad to be doing this

Some will say that sculpture is the most cruel, difficult, and challenging, amongst all known art forms. Be it that way or another, there is no debate that relatively few artists turn to sculpting, and even less turn to it as their only and central art form. From amongst those sculpture enthusiasts, only a select few (… some say Bronze fanatics) choose to sculpt complex and awe inspiring –large outdoor monumental sculptures in bronze. Our father is one of these fanatics.

No doubt, our father’s outdoor sculptures are a winning combination of knowledge, technology, art, and “being crazy for it”. Each sculpture lied before him non –trivial challenges of planning and execution. Being responsible to execute each step in collaboration with many professionals, whose connection to the art form can only be said to be incidental. People who had no idea why this “weird artist” is standing at the door of there foundry supervising each step himself. if they would see our father standing, sanding and polishing the sculpture just out of the foundry for days and nights, in the cold, in the rain and in the terrible heat, until it would be precisely, but precisely!  The polished line he dreamed of, they would officially pronounce him insane.

The bronze production process (as will be described shortly in the next post) will show you precisely the complexity of the process, for large and small sculptures alike, a complexity which can be escaped by creating “lumpy” sculptures, (which can be seen as one piece), but our father chose to create complex pieces employing precise connections between what exists and what is hidden, between the full and the empty, between the material and the empty space, creating lines soaring up to the sky, leaving the spectator to draw an imaginary line from the edge of the sculpture up to the skyline.

All these posed our father monumental challenges (especially considering the sculptures were cast here in Israel, in foundries unused to accommodating artists, and usually were sold to art collectors abroad) which turned our father, and following him his son Yuval to wizards of the trade – the secrets of bronze open to them like an open book.


More about the challenges of bronze in the next post

We’ll always be happy for any comment or enlightenment.

To material and spiritual life.

Yuval, Giora, and Ruti Halvani

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