The seeds of art – Life Story

From the child dreaming at the Nile.

 Victor Halvani no doubt had an enchanted childhood. A warm loving Jewish family. His father a judge, his mother, descendent from a rabbinic family, was a great storyteller who transformed the heroes of the Bible into her child’s best friends.  A small village at the base of the pyramids of Giza, school trips to the Valley of the Kings in Aswan. Ancient Egyptian art looking at the dreamy child from every corner. Given the chance to look back, it becomes clear that Victor’s lifelong dream – to become an artist, had it’s beginnings right there – in the child dreaming at the Nile.

Victor Halvani was born in 1930 to Bella and Yitzchak (OBM). Soaked in that enchanted childhood atmosphere, Victor found himself spending hours and days in the Cairo museum of art, looking at the exhibits and drawing them with intensity and enthusiasm. His inspiration filled drawings caught the eye of his teachers and with there encouragement he entered a national competition in which he won first place. This lead to him winning a full scholarship at the art faculty in Zamalek and at the Cairo University. Full of hopes and dreams he began his studies, only to be interrupted after one year. The Israeli war of independence began and subsequently the pogroms, and the urgent need of Egyptian Jews to emigrate, going first to France and than to Israel. Landing in a new country isn’t simple, definitely not in a country just founded and fighting for it’s survival every second. Victor’s first years in Israel were years of struggle for survival, but simultaneously years of activity and progress. In 1950, while serving in the army, Victor met Margalit, the women at his side, mother of his children and the most present character in his career of activity and art. With Margalit’s encouragement and support he not only raised a family, fathering two boys and a girl, but also fulfilled his dream and was fortunate to have a full and inspiring career- as a person, artist, and teacher. Today, in his advanced age, Victor continues his daily activities: creates, plans, exhibits, and as always – open-minded, curious, learning, getting updated.