Halvani Art


No doubt, in recent years our parents can smile contently and manage our father’s artistic activity, assured in the knowledge that us their children: Yuval, Ruti, and Giora, have returned from our occupations around the world, and reconnected with them to continue there shared life project; their artistic, educational, and business life’s work. Our father is the artist and internationally renowned sculptor Victor Halvani and our mother Margalit is the one who actively managed our father’s art gallery in Safed for 30 years, and was a full partner in the design and construction of his art galleries, exhibitions and art projects in Israel and worldwide. And if we may put in a personal note, beyond any role she performed our mother was (and is) the life force, source of joy, encouragement, and wellspring of inspiration.

In the many years we spent outside the family business each one of us built a different and extensive career, with which we wandered around the country and world for many years.

Yuval – is a professional photographer, and independent artist, alongside collaborating in the process of creation of our fathers sculptures and construction of art projects for over 35 years.

Ruti –  An Opera singer with an international career, and a voice teacher. In recent years she has taken charge of customer relations and sales for Halvani art.

Giora – Sea Captain and a Sea pilot. Management consultant and collaborator on art projects and in the design of the future Halvani museum in Ein Hod,

We have come together to disseminate, preserve, and tell the story of our family art, of which we are all inseparable parts since our childhood. Our purpose is to perpetuate our father’s artistic life project, to share with the world a rare artistic quality which penetrates and greatly inspires every heart which sees it. To preserve a generation-bridging art, which maps a unique artistic line combining historical flashes from ancient Egypt (our father’s birthplace), biblical figures (his tradition), and a yearning for a better world. Where motherhood, music, faithfulness, and human dilemmas, create a unified shared conversation instead of disconnect and division.

We Yuval, Ruti, and Giora,
Will be glad to answer any question, give artistic advice, and set up appointments to visit the art gallery in Ein Hod.

Contact: victor@halvani.com

Ruti:   +972(0)54 2098228
Yuval: +972(0)52 3142607
Giora: +972 (0)54 2498904