Ein Hod Artist’s Village – Israel

In 1974 Margalit and Victor Halvani decided to build their home in the Ein Hod Artist’s Village.
They were accepted as members of the village and in the same year Victor became principal of the art school established in the Village.
Between 1980 and 2012 Victor and Margalit split their lives between the Ein Hod artist’s colony and the holy city of Safed- where Victor became an involved and influential figure promoting art in the city.
In 2013 Victor’s sculpture “David playing the harp” was placed in the Yemini Garden in Ein Hod. The sculpture is at the entrance to the garden and welcomes those coming into the village, signifying in many ways the homecoming.
In 2012 Victor and Margalit chose Ein Hod as their permanent residence and renovated their three story house to include a work floor, living floor, and gallery floor, in which the Margalit Halvani Museum Gallery is now being built.

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