A man and his legacy – inspirations

מקורות-השראהHow does an artist manage to remain authentic? To himself? To his art? How can one create out of inner sources and avoid being affected by the environment? What causes Victor’s creations to be so precise and inspiring? What makes his creations timeless, speaking to his generation, and with the same intensity and interest to ours? What is the secret magic that makes them so different? Such that they can be categorized in no artistic movement and cannot be defined other than calling them by name – Victor Halvani art?
It would seem that the secret of his success lies in his life story, anchored by his strong and authentic connection to sources of inspiration, based on the artistic solitude he chose, leaning on his unwavering loyalty to his family, wife and children, and especially, based on his unwavering ability to lock himself between the four walls of his soul, to connect with his sources, and from there alone to think, to create, to draw and to sculpt.

What are those sources and roots?

We can reckon three main sources which nurtured the artistic streams of the artist Victor Halvani:

  • The Egyptian art he was exposed to during his enchanted childhood growing up in a small village in the Nile Delta.
  • The Bible stories and its heroes, as they were created in his imagination by his mother Bella’s storytelling, and later by deeply studying the Bible itself and its various commentaries.
  • His love of space sciences. A love which began with endless contemplation of the celestial bodies, continued through the watching tens of space exploration and science fiction films, and reading books and studies about space research.

The precise combination of these three sources of inspiration can be seen in many instances over his long and fruitful career: in his monumental and respected sculpture “Jacob’s Dream”, which was chosen for the inauguration of the international art congress at the Jacob Javits center in New York City, and which opened the New York Expo exhibition, in the Halvani sculpture park in Safed, and in tens of sculptures displayed worldwide, in crowded squares, universities, upscale avenues, and private collections.

Sculpture stories – further contemplation of Victor’s varied creations invite an interesting look into the depths of the artist’s soul, and connects various different sculptures with an invisible thread, collecting them under several subjects. We can see that many of the artist’s sculptures are a soft and loving contemplation of mothers and children, grant a new aspect on biblical musicians, raise up admiring eyes to the gentle lines created by dance movements, or deal with dilemmas and crisis.