A blog by a father and his children

How this blog was born?

As our father’s 85’th birthday approached, we his children were fortunate to have the extraordinary possibility to look back at our father’s life story and artistic path, and to try and answer the question that only now, as mature adults, we understood has remained a riddle to us.

The three of us grew up surrounded by art, running and playing around his sculptures, peeking over his shoulders on his drawings and sketches, to casually receive a kiss on the cheek and a short art lesson. Hand on heart, it can definitely be said we have grown up into his art taking it for granted, but never knew how our father manages to bring into this world creations so precise, different, and loyal to his unique artistic style which characterized only him. All we can see was a practical and spiritual artist, creating from the depths of his soul, connected to the sources of the past, present, and future.

As children we experienced the father devoted to his family, revolving principally around his art and family, in many ways deliberately isolated from the art communities and worlds. As if trying to keep himself to himself and minimize outside influence on his art. No doubt that now, as we watch our father’s worldwide success, the hundreds of students which surprise us every time with new insights about our father, and seeing how his art manages to touch the hearts of young people and bridge the generational gap, our curiosity only grows stronger.

Out of this the will and necessity for this blog was born.  A blog which will probably also be a multi-generational closing of circles, bringing the 85 year old artist’s insights to the forefront of technology and internet communication through his children (…who knows, maybe even his grandchildren).

We hope that this written journey will span many years and will be a repository of knowledge, inspiration, and interest, for readers, artists, and art lovers.

We will be happy to receive any comment or enlightenment.

To material and spiritual life


Youval, Giora, and Ruti Halvani

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