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Why bronze? One must be mad to be doing this

Some will say that sculpture is the most cruel, difficult, and challenging, amongst all known art forms. Be it that way or another, there is no debate that relatively few artists turn to sculpting, and even less turn to it as their only and central art form. From amongst those sculpture enthusiasts, only a select few (… some say Bronze fanatics) choose to sculpt complex and awe inspiring –large outdoor monumental sculptures in bronze. Our father is one of these fanatics. No doubt, our father’s outdoor sculptures are a winning combination of knowledge, technology, art, and “being crazy for it”.
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A blog by a father and his children

How this blog was born? As our father’s 85’th birthday approached, we his children were fortunate to have the extraordinary possibility to look back at our father’s life story and artistic path, and to try and answer the question that only now, as mature adults, we understood has remained a riddle to us. The three of us grew up surrounded by art, running and playing around his sculptures, peeking over his shoulders on his drawings and sketches, to casually receive a kiss on the cheek and a short art lesson. Hand on heart, it can definitely be said we have
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